Thu, Nov. 11th, 2010, 10:03 am
2010 thus far

Ok, I guess lemme make my way overdue update.

2010 The year of the suck.

I guess it all started on July 5th when Julian Morgan, 13, was pronounced dead. His grandfather and I shared a 8x10 office for a year so it was like a part of my family passed as well.

July 31 saw the passing of Julius Hammonds Sr. He was the father of a lady I've worked no more then 5 feet from for about 6 years now. At least he was 85.

Aug 30th, co-worker I have worked with for over 10 years is admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath. He's still in the hospital. Recently he was admitted to a rehab center.

Sept 9th my father passed.

Sept 10th The guy who sits next to me lost his brother. I just realized I never asked his name. At least he was in his 60's.

Nov 7th my coworker lost his 45 year old sun.

In this middle of all this, one of my guys was taken from work by emt's diabetic issues, and a few weeks later treated by them again, at work.
another was admitted to the hospital for chest pains (treated and released) Another guy's mother is in distress we don't expect her to be with us very much longer. A dear friend younger then me get cancer. Two other dear friends are diagnosed with breast cancer. We've had a few other minor medical scares but they have been resolved.

This leaves me stressed.

Let me back up to my father's passing. I will try to be brief for those of you that have read the blow by blow.

Father died, will aunt has leave her everything, me nothing. Insert arguing with aunt.
They find new will, leaves me everything with hand written note to make sure I split his checking account with aunt.
Aunt goes to attorney, since her husband was listed as co-owner of the account they advised I have no claim to it. They decide since they are great humanitarians they will split the account as my father wanted. They go to an attorney and send me some letter about this account and a bunch of other things I have no idea about and wants me to sign it. I say I am not signing anything unless I have details of what I am signing. I get second letter from attorney that basically says this is whats going to happen, and they're still going to abide by their verbal agreement and split account with me.
Aunt sends me a letter and says she things my father sent me enough money, so I don't need more. The account in question was set up for home care, and he told them if he didn't need it they were free to keep it. Umm, seriously? Then why do we have a hand written note from him on the statement of account in question asking me to split the account, in case I forgot what he told me. My father, my aunt and myself were unaware that with a joint account the surviving person gets the account regardless of a will to the contrary. I contacted the attorney who sent me the letter, he said there is no law in Delaware that covers verbal agreements, even though I have an officer of the court (him) as a witness. If I'd a signed the letter he sent me I'd have a leg, but since I didn't too bad so sad.
I am contacting the credit union where the account is at to see if this is true for a credit union as it is for a bank.
I am currently looking for a lawyer locally to explain all this to, to see if it's worth trying to retain an attorney in Delaware.

Stressed is my middle name. What's the new internet phrase? FML.

Update local attorney called, I need to write the attorney a letter accepting the verbal agreement and if I am not paid in May, 8 months after my fathers death, I will file a civil suit against my aunt, and have a nice day. Then retain a lawyer in Delaware.

Part of me says this is about money and money is the root of all evil and I should let this go and let my aunt choke on her blood money. The other part say this is what my father wanted and you shouldn't just roll over.

yeah, FML.